Nutritional Support Services

ILS is the nation’s largest nutritional provider delivering consistent, high-quality dietary menus to elderly and at-risk populations. Our meals improve member’s health outcomes, lower readmission rates, maintain nutritional health status and increase member satisfaction. ILS’s meals provide one-third of the daily required intake (DRI). Our menu selections include: Regular, Diabetic, Puree, Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian, Renal, Kosher, Latin and Liquid.

ILS Nutrition Support Services include:

Post-Discharge Meals: Meals are delivered to the home immediately upon discharge from a hospital or nursing home. This is the time when elders and at-risk population are most vulnerable to readmission.

Chronic Care & Disease Management Meals: Meals are provided to meet the dietary needs of those with chronic diseases. Additionally, we can educate individuals on the nutritional aspects of managing their health condition.

Meals for Sustained Healthy Living: Provides continued access to healthy meals for individuals who are living at home, but are unable to shop or prepare their own meals.

Telephonic Nutritional Counseling: We have Registered Dietitians on staff to provide individuals with one-on-one telephonic nutritional counseling. These calls help establish and reinforce healthy dietary goals and reduce symptoms associated with chronic illnesses.

Benefits of ILS Nutritional Support Services: Helps individuals achieve their nutrition goals at critical times to help them regain and maintain their health. These programs can be implemented as a stand-alone benefit, or incorporated into an acute long-term care program.

To learn more, Contact Us. You can also check out our Retail Meal options for special needs populations.


Video: Nutrition: An Important Component of Health Care

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